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Water Features

Feng Shui Tips For Indoor Water Fountains!

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Importance of nature’s elements for a blissful living space You have probably realized the importance of nature’s elements in our living spaces, for a healthy, happy, prosperous life full of love and austere and pure bliss. Further, the presence of the key element, water, is even more significant in our homes.    The calmness and serenity experienced by the sheer sound of flowing or gushing water is unparalleled. There is an unmatched feeling of harmony by having indoor water bodies as part of your home décor which makes your living space a heavenly abode. According to Feng Shui, flowing water symbolizes...

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Back to the Basics – The Play of Elements of Nature in Home Decor

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    Have you ever wondered why today’s stressful hectic urban life finds solace in picturesque places of natural beauty? The magnificent mountains, waterfalls, green forests and beaches lure one to retreat to Mother Nature’s lap, away from the humdrums of over concretized modern structures of today! Indeed, nature has a calming effect! But duties call and one cannot keep running to far-off exotic natural escapades forever.  You have to live here in these modern urban spaces, and find your solace within your homes and at work. There is a silver lining to the grey clouds! You can bring nature...

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Fountain water has been romancing through the ages

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  A sight of a mesmerizing water fountain instantly stirs up emotions of awe towards nature’s beauty, serenity, and oneness with nature. What is it about these water fountains? Don’t they seem like mystical creations that never cease to intrigue us? Did you realize that they have been made by man for thousands of years adorning human spaces?   Where it sprouted from… The word fountain is derived from the Latin word "fons" which means a source of water or spring. A manmade water fountain is made such that water either pours water into a basin or is forced up...

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Spruce up the interiors with an elegant water fountain!

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Your home or office interiors may be plush and classy. Wouldn’t you like to add vibrant energy to your swanky décor? Not just some glitzy artwork of metal or perhaps glass, but a mesmerizing addition that can also promote the feeling of serenity, thus rendering the place blissful?

Nature has no parallel...

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